Friday, November 18, 2005

My D medley

On my defense party, when I was asked to give a speech I sang instead.

The lyrics were done one day before my defense. So, instead of preparing myself for the defense, I spent all of that night and morning before the defense practicing the song...hehe..

This is the beginning of the medley... for complete lyrics, click this.

#1: Melody from Begin the Beguine
(piano gives a tune, Mer sings acapella)

When I began the Big D, I was so young and my mind was so tender
I thought of the joy my studies would render, I thought of the bliss of a Ph.D. degree
But I didn’t know the torment ahead, or how my mind would be kept swaying
And into night I would be praying, oh, why did I begin the big D?


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