Saturday, October 15, 2005

Peer production networks

My second day at Budapest re:Activism conference is filled with discourses on peer production network.
This morning Jochai Benkler from Yale presented a very impressive overview of the networked information economy in which he put some highlights on the economic, political, and cultural (positive) dimensions of peer-to-peer network which potentially give hope for freedom and justice to grow in the information society that now has increasingly becomes more and more capitalistic.

In the panel of political economy of peer production network (now I am sitting in), that includes Lawrence Lessig, Felix Stadler ( and Jimmy Wales (wikipedia founder), among others, some issues arise: sustainable production vs voluntary labor, production vs consumption of information, creativity vs productivity, fear of co-optation etc.

Larry Lessig in particular is concerned about the fundamental insight of IT architecture which is inter-operability that opens explosion of tools. He believes that the interoperability encourages the growth of creative production of community. He really thinks that any legal infrastructures (such as some existing licensing systems -> copyright) that prevent inter-operability is and should be seen as a real failure.

Indeed, licensing issue indeed is a real issue in the peer-to-peer network. While among communities, people are mostly willing to share, it's difficult to determine what kind of licensing code that would accommodate what members of communities want. Simply put, I really think any license code is ok as long as it is based on the spirit of maximization of creativity and can prevent any domination of market (or other parties). Yet, in practice it is not as simple as it sounds.


Myr said...

bravo buat org2 itu (dan dirimu juga, lady day)!

merlyna lim said...

hehehe... "terimakasih,"kata org2 itu (dan lady day juga).