Thursday, October 27, 2005

Flying sketches

It was more than 10 hours flights from Los Angeles to Schiphol and another 2 hours to reach Budapest. It's tough to fly more than 5 hours. I never enjoy it.

This time, I was in a big hurry and things were messed up that I forgot to bring books nor movies to kill my flying time. Luckily I had a van Gogh's pocket box with me. This is a gift from my friend in Enschede (thanks, Andrew!). The box consists of a set of quality water colors and postcard size papers. You just need some water then everything is set to make sketches.

So, I used a cup of water I got from KLM flight attendant to sketch. The first sketch I made (since this kit is called van Gogh's pocket box) was inspired by van Gogh, so it was entitled 'Sunflower'.

"Sunflower", mer on KL-602, 13 oct '05

The second was made while I had my meal. So, it was 'flight meal'.
"Flight_meal", mer on KL-602, 13 oct '05

And the third, I don't know why, was the sketch of London's parliament building with the Big Ben and the bridge.

"London", mer on KL-602, 13 oct '05

I used only one cup for mixing all colors, so the water quickly became browny. It was ok, didn't do any harm on my sketch. Meanwhile, while I was drawing, I took a cup of tea offered by a flight attendant and started drinking it. Later I was amazed to find out that the watercolor cup had much less water and the tea cup had some blue and yellow color. It took me sometime to realize that I had drunk from the watercolor cup and stirred the brush on my tea! Too late.... I got van Gogh's in my throat and tea on my sketches! Guess that makes me sounds like a real artist... hehe.

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ime' said...

:)):)):)):)):)) wah, teteh fleksibel sekali yaaaa. not only in art, but also in drinking :)) air putih, teh, jus, kobokan bekas cat air juga :)) hebat hebat =D>

pohon cemara said...

hahha...gak pa-pa mer..biar tambah artistik ...berasa banget khan Van Gohg-nya
Btw aku suka banget ama sketsa-sketsamu..

filesharing software said...

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Myr said...

warna-warninya indah dan hidup.

coba bikin skecth sbg ilustrasi buku2/ report2 elu itu, spy isinya ngga hurup smua!! merdeka!!

Rihard-Susy-Daniel said...

Hehehe, itu 'teh cat' rasanya apa ya. Wah kudunya gua melambai2 di bawah pesawatmu ya supaya digambar juga, hihihi. paling jadinya titik doang ya :)) btw thanks postcardnya ya, alus euy. -susy-

merlyna lim said...

ime: iya, dong, supaya bisa survive kudu pleksibellll...
cemara: hehe...... berasa kecut2 menyegarkan
myr: justru kalo dikasih sketsa org2 kagak baca nantinya.. cuma melototin sketsa doang
rsd: sok atuh melambai, biar daku gambar. u'r welkom, nanti mudah2an bisa ngirim deui.

MikeMc346 said...

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Imazahra said...

Whuahaha hahaha hahahaha, Teteh emang 'gila', but I love it indeed!
*kenapa gambar itu Parliament House, mungkin Teteh bentar lagi bakal presentasi disana dan kudu wajib mampir ke Leeds yak!
Kumasakin Sop Buntut dah!!!

merlyna lim said...

ima: asik surasik... buntut sapi campur van gogh? hehe...