Friday, October 21, 2005

Flock - a new way of browsing and blogging?

I just found that a new browser called Flock is just launched. I just installed it a couple minutes ago, so I cannot say much about it. It seems to be a great "social" browser, though. Flock allows you to post to your blog directly from its browser by clicking 'add to blog' button. It also has some other cool features as described here.

I'll just give Flock a try and we'll see whether I'll make it my default browser or not.

p.s. this entry is posted using Flock's "add to blog".


Myr said...

haeh, kira2 bakal populer kyk firefox gak ya

merlyna lim said...

kayaknya bakal.. soalnya merging sama blog segala. cuma skrg sih masih rada lambat, kayak firefox waktu pertama kali keluar.