Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Rambling about Bahrain

It's my third day in Bahrain and yet I have only seen a very little part of this city. This morning I and some other jurors went to the museums, the Bahrain National Museum and the House of Quran (Bait Al Quran). Both were interesting, especially the Quran one. Bait Al Quran displays a comprehensive and valuable collection of the Holy Quran and manuscripts. It has the oldest, the biggest, the smallest, and all kind of Holy Quran. Really fascinating. The Bahrain National Museum was OK. It basically tells the story of civilization of Bahrain. One artifact that impressed me most is the ancient Dilmun (Bahrain) grave from 3000-2000 BC.

It felt so nice to finally see something else than the hotel and the workplace, even though the hotel is a nice one. Here I stay in the 4 stars hotel, Mercure Grand Hotel Seef, which is a luxurious hotel. The room is sooooo huge. It is approximately 80 m2 consists of 50 m2 kitchen/dining/living room, 20 m2 bedroom and 10m2 bathroom. It is the biggest hotel room ever for me.

Being a grand juror of the World Summit Award is always fun and interesting. This is my second time participating in this event (two years ago it was held in Dubai). While it's still as exciting as the first time, this time I didn't get interesting categories to judge. Last time it was e-Culture and e-Inclusion. Both were so interesting, especially e-Culture. This time, I got e-Science for the first round and e-Business for the second round. e-Science was much more interesting than e-Business. e-Business is kinda boring for me. That's why I am feeling so sleepy and thus try to refresh myself by blogging rather than continue working on it! (Well, I actually am finished with my work, now just pretending to work, oops...).

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