Friday, September 09, 2005

Online again from Bahrain

It's my sixth day in Bahrain where most of time has been spent in this room, the plenary room of the Bahrain Exhibition Center. Like almost everybody who attend the plenary meeting of the World Summit Award grand jury, I put the jacket/suit on. Funny, in hot places like Bahrain, we all are freezing!

This is the last plenary meeting we, the jurors, have. Despite some disagreements and perhaps some disappointment, we are all glad that we can finish our job in selecting 40 world best products in e-content applications which is really not an easy job. It's really a great experience to be able to see hundreds of e-content products from all over the world. In addition, it's a very valuable experience to be able to know other jurors who came from different parts of the world.

Now I am witnessing the closure of this event. It feels relieved to finally have everything over.

The WSA grand jury with ICNM staffs

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