Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My first day at work

It's exciting to finally start my work after kept delaying it. I was asked to start my job on 15th of August, but I couldn't so then I postponed it to the 1st of September. Yet, since I had to go to Bahrain, I only started it today, the 12th of September.

After 27++ hours trip and a few hours sleep, I turned my brain to be ready for work this morning. I walked to my office with a mixed feeling. Excited about the job, curious about my office, scared a bit about everything.

When I found the building where my office is located, I couldn't believe my eyes. The Annenberg Center for Communication of the University of Southern California is sitting in a very beautiful Kerckhoff Building. Really great! As an (ex) architect, the 'where' is always important for me.

Kerckhoff Building

I haven't really started my job. I only came to check my office, talked with some people in the Center, and had my orientation with the International Office. I am glad to get some paperwork done and so happy to get my USC ID card! Great!

Now, I will go home. It's already 5:30 pm. I am tired, sleepy and hungry. Luckily it's easy to get some great food... restaurants are all over the neighborhood.

Hmm.... I am curious, what kind of adventure I'll have in this city....?


Susy said...

welcome in LA miss Day :D have a nice work there, we miss u here. thx buat camel n tukang hayamnya :)
success yaaa. btw kantornya kayak hotel euy.

Irwan said...

Wah asyik yah tempatnya..
Kayaknya cuacanya jauh lebih bagus dr belanda yg angin+hujan+mendung nih :D

Sukses yah disono..

salam dr Venda & Ina

PS: Mengenai foto2 di pbase, sayang ngga bisa di download dlm 1 folder...

pohon cemara said...

mer...tempatnya keren banget...
semoga betah ya.. :)

merlyna lim said...

susy: sama2 thanks euy. kayak hotel ya? emang sebenernya aku kerja jadi penyanyi dangdut di hotel..hahaha
irwan: di sini kayaknya ampir summer terus nih. soal foto ngga papa koq, aku dah download, satu2..:P
cemara: thx, bakal dibeteh2in nih..:)

Patricia Astrid said...

waduh enaknya di Amrik, nggak usah masak, paperwork cepat, en kantornya bagus ya mer !!

Jay said...


huhuy, dapet wilayah amrik yang selalu summer ya?

Bule Palsu said...

pffffff....campus di UT Enschede lebih indah kok! :-p

He PB, good luck over there and keep us posted!


merlyna lim said...

patricia: iya, di sini semuanya cukup 'terang' dan banyak resto yg cukup terjangkau
jay: nuhun
bp: jelas dong... kampus UT kan terindah di dunia!

Myr said...

mMér, it's obviously superbe as work place, enjoy it, you deserve to get the best..mbak artis ups salah, selebritis akademik :-p

merlyna lim said...

thanks myr.... aku emang menikmati ke-artis-an ku.. maklum deket holywood sih...:P