Saturday, September 03, 2005

Flying high

KLM flight, on the way to Bahrain

Two days after my public defense, I am flying high (emotionally and in a literal way as well), still in the seventh heaven, not yet quite hitting the ground :D. I am still filled with excitement, my adrenalin level is still so high. I also am still lacking of sleep, lightheaded, and still like being in the different reality. Guess I should try to hit the ground!

The next two weeks, I think, will be still like a dream. Not quite real since I will be in super hectic mode with my Bahrain and LA trips and my involvement in the World Summit Award. After Bahrain, I'll be busy trying to settle in LA. Perhaps once I get an apartment in LA, then I'll be earthed.

For now, I'll just enjoy my Bahrain time. It will be exciting. Cannot wait to land there.


ana said...

hope i could visit you someday in LA..:D

Anonymous said...

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