Friday, August 12, 2005

My D book!

I finally got my D book printed! So exciting to see it in a form of book. Well, it's not a real book, it is just a D book and not [yet] published by a well-known publisher (I will, someday). Still, it feels good to hold it my hands.

For those who aren't familiar with Dutch PhD system, I better explain what one should do to get a PhD in Holland. A PhD candidate has to submit a proposal for scheduling a public defence about 4-6 months in advance before the defence after getting an approval from the supervisor. The final draft of D manuscript has to be ready to be circulated among examiners about 3 months (in my case, 3.5 months) before the scheduled public defence. These examiners should consist of professors in all disciplines related to the D. They should also represent not only a host university (in my case, Twente) -- and should also represent other faculties than mine --- but also other universities. In my case I have 6 examiners, 4 from Twente and 2 external ones (from Canada and USA). They shouldn't be involved in my writing process. Actually I don't personally know most of them. The examiners read them for about 1.5 month and give their appraisal whether the manuscript meets the standard of Ph.D dissertation and whether they are satisfied with the quality of writing or not. If they said yes, then the candidate would go for a public defence as planned, otherwise he/she would postpone the defence and revise accordingly until all examiners are satisfied. When these examiners say yes, the PhD candidate actually de facto has already obtained his/her PhD degree, but de jure he/she would get it later, after the public defence. As soon as getting 'YES' from the examiners, a PhD candidate should get the manuscript printed as a book, to be circulated to all Doctoral committee members (supervisors and examiners), the Doctorate Board, a dean, libraries in Holland, and others.

So, I submitted my final manuscript on May 23rd, 2005 and got all YES from the examiners on the 2nd of July. And yesterday I got my book printed. Wow, it feels good. I keep looking at it again and again. I cannot believe that I could write such book..... I forget how I did it... Perhaps it wasn't me who wrote it.... hehehe.


ana said...

you deserve whatever feeling you have about your D book, Mer :) bravo!, and not only "YES" from them but it should be from all of us as well. Proud to be one of your 'celoteh's friends':P

Patricia Astrid said...

wah iya itu one of the defining moments, congrats ya Mer. Tapi setelah kubolak-balik buku D-ku, aku jadi gemezz krn ada yang salah-salah rumusnya walaaah ...., kalo memungkinkan pengen cetak revised edition hehe ...

merlyna lim said...

anna: thank you banget.. kamu mau nge-YES-in ngga?..:P
patsy: kebayang gemeznya.. yg aku aja udah ketemu ada typos....duuh!!

Ben said...


Nggak mau bagi2 copy nih. Atau ada online version yang bisa dibaca gitu.