Tuesday, July 19, 2005

IFF 2005: Food, music and the farewell

The second of July 2005 was a memorable day. That was my last participation in the Indonesian Food Festival (IFF) in Enschede. The IFF is held every year by the Indonesian Student Association in Enschede (PPIE). I participated once before, in 2004, and it was enjoyable. While IFF is always about food, I didn’t contribute anything related to the food, but to the music. In this event, I participated as an entertainer; specifically as a singer and a musician with PPIE-MC band, which is a great band. It consists of some great people. Not only capable musicians, also people with great personalities. Araz, the coordinator, is a stunning pianist. He is a superb musician and a very nice person too. Tommy is a kind-hearted guy who plays bass and guitar extraordinarily. Wikan, a man who ‘found’ me, is a guy who can make a dazzling sound on the piano. Joe, a very fine person who is an astonishing drummer. Andrew, a sometimes ignorant yet sweet guy, is a very engaging vocalist and my duet partner, who sometimes also plays guitar. Diana who has a very fine voice (and a very cute daughter, Tara). Sometimes, we have additional vocalists: Njo, a very fun and a very nice guy who is also a "wannabe" singer …:P, and Rino, a very cool guy who can really sing. We also have Adit who is a loyal supporter and a good photographer. These people are lovable. It was always enjoyable to sing and play music with them.

In the IFF 2005, we performed some Indonesian songs, with a couple additional English and Dutch pop songs. I think it was a successful performance. People enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed them. I enjoyed every second of it. At the same time, I was feeling kinda sad, it was my last performance in the IFF and (perhaps) also my last with the PPIE-MC. It was a joyful performance .... yet kind of heartbreaking.

A day after the IFF, my band gave me a farewell jam. They played some music. We sang some songs we knew together. They also played some special songs for me. As the music flew, I tried to enjoy my last 'moments' with them. I tried to chew my last bytes of 'musical ectassy' with them. Joy, madness, laughters and tears mingled with our music and our togetherness. Each song they played spoke to my heart. Made each second of my last 'jam' with them so valuable, so precious that I didn't want it to end. But life goes on. I had to say goodbye anyway. The last song they played for me, "What a difference a day make", closed my precious moments with my beloved PPIE-MC friends.

Bye, dag, adios, my friends. You're always in my heart and our music is always alive. See you again somewhere, sometime, somehow.


p.s. Thanks for Araz, Joe, and Andrew who wrote special notes about our farewell. They mean a lot to me.

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