Monday, July 04, 2005


mer, enschede centrum, 30 june 2005

It is me in Enschede, six hours and twenty four minutes before KL-809 will take me off the sky, flying from Schipol-Amsterdam to Jakarta. This is not my first time leaving the Netherlands. However, this one feels so different. Something is missing from me. Something that I leave in Enschede, my home. Something that grew in the space between me and Enschede. Something that has made my stay in this city so wonderful. Perhaps that something is the learning experience. Learning to love and to be loved.

My last days in Enschede have been so great. I enjoyed every second of it. I felt so loved, as if love had been pouring from the heaven just for me. My professor, my colleagues in my department, my friends in church, my music friends.. and even some people whom I never really knew, seemed to embrace me with love. I never realized that my last stay in Enschede has been so different if compared to my other periods of stay. I only realized it when I paused and thought about what had been happening to my life here. Enschede is always Enschede. Never really changes. People are people, they can be loving and unloving. But within the nexus of Enschede, me and people, things can change. And when you put love within this nexus, things are transformed. Perhaps that what has been happening in these last few months.

Ah, now it becomes too hard to leave this city and people who love me and whom I love. Yes, today I can say that I love this city -- something that I couldn't say three years ago, nor two years ago. Not because of it is Enschede, but because it's my Enschede, the space and place where one wonderful piece of my life was woven. Because in every corner of this city, I have memorable moments and events that are great part of the history, the history of my life.


ana said...

we haven't finished our history, Mer, not in enschede. hope to see you to complete it?.
Goodluck ya...and see you

mellyana said...

enschede adalah kota pertama yang aku kunjungi di minggu pertama gue di belanda dulu...liat sketsa2nya jadi keinget juga

dy said...

you already missed something you haven't really lost..., at least it's still in your mind :)

merlyna lim said...

anna: right, like i wrote there, enschede is 'a piece' of my history of life. that's one chapter of life that i'll close very soon. hey, please come to my D date, ok?
melly: kapan2 kita jalan2 ke enschede lagi yuk?
dy: right. it's still and always in my mind. i think 'missing' something is a good sign... it means that this something is really valuable, otherwise you won't miss it, right?

pohon cemara said...

Dear Mer...salam kenal, aku dapet blog mu dari blog-nya Patsy.
Aku suka banget 'ama sketch-sketch mu.

merlyna lim said...

hi 'someone'.. makasih banget ya udah singgah.