Thursday, June 09, 2005

The window

sketched by mer, bed f305, medisch spectrum twente, 12 june 2004

As the wind breeze is knocking my pane
and the branch is tapping with its twain
I know that the earth is not on the wane
and my hope should not be in vain

I see my life is reclaimed
through the window frame.


ana said...

what a gift you have, mer ;)

Anil said...

break the pane & go out mer.
its time u do that
u seem difficult to break through

Dave said...

Beautiful, beautiful sketch, Mer -- your technique is exquisite. And from your words I see that this view holds deep meaning for you.

But I return to your outstanding artwork. I agree with Anna... you are very seriously gifted in art, and I hope to see more of your work!

Sulfikar Amir said...

why....why do i suck at things you are so damn good?

fiksi said...

dua hal yang selalu aku inginkan dari dulu itu bakat seni musik dan lukis. abis liat gambar ini, jadi tambah pengen bakat itu!!!!
fyi, judul asli lagunya itu "love song for no one" :p. ttg kabayan, saya juga dikasitau kang ibing bahwa humor kabayan yang asli itu emang filosofis banget dan ga asal lucu. jadi itu salah satunya. pokonya bandung menarik deh :D hehehe..

dy said...

Waduh Mer... you're so talented in sooo many ways... :)

merlyna lim said...

anna, dave, dy: thank you!..:)
o3one: yes, you are right, but at that moment i couldn't break the pane, otherwise the hospital security would arrest me... :))
azho: wah, lho, ugh... so?
fiksi: hehe, kalo gitu nanti aku ajarin nyanyi & lukis (ala Kabayan) deh.