Wednesday, June 01, 2005


[this perhaps should be posted in my travelnotes, however, well, for now I just post it here]

sketched by mer, enschede, 24 feb 2005

sturdy houses, row by row
are speaking of stories from the past
quiet neighbourhoods, feet by feet
are whispering of songs from the future

in enschede
my home.

mer, feb 27, 2005.


Dave said...

Beautiful, rhythmic, evocative... both artwork and text. You are extraordinarily gifted, Mer! I hope that piece is framed and hanging in a special place. Is it pen & ink and watercolor? It DOES have the feeling of both old and new... memories and a vibrant future. And improvised... like jazz. I love its composition, colors and suggestiveness. Fantastic work!!! You obviously love your home town!

Andrew said...

I think dave took all my words that I want to say to you... (tambah sayang aja gue ma lo... huahahha)
Enschede = small city in east side of the Netherland. Just a note for those who still wondering where is Enschede

merlyna lim said...

dave: thank you so much! glad you like my sketch (and text too). yes, it's pen & watercolor.

andrew: ngga bisa nambahin kata lagi, drew?.. hehehe.

Andrew said...

speechless gue, klepek2 klo liat skecth2 dikau.. hahaha (makanya gue tulis tambah sayang aja daku padamu...)

-rino said...

wah, eMer kembali ke habitat sebagai arsitek
keren euy,
mau dong dikadoin sketsanya...

Savitri said...

Keren ... mencoba 'menebak' di sudut mana dr Enschede kah itu? Tp tdk berhasil.:p

merlyna lim said...

rino: aku sih emang suka nyeket sebelom jadi arsitek. so seudah pensiun jadi arsitek, nyeket jalan terus. bener mau hadiah sketsa nih? sketsa naon, no?
vit: wah, ketauan kalo aku ngarang..hehe. btw, i really did think of enschede when i sketched that one. perhaps it's somewhere at enschede south...