Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Dutch market

sketched by mer, enschede, june 2005

As we come to the market-square
welcomed by a busy fair
we hear music and voices
and so many choices

There're veggies, meat, and fishes
and old lady selling ceramic dishes
there are jonge and oud cheese
whose smell makes you sneeze

You can also sit and relax
with koffie and some snacks
or just make some knacks
in the Enschede's Oude Markt


Dave said...

How enchanting & inviting, Mer -- both sketch and words! I LOVE YOUR WORK (and your world)!

Your drawing is full and rich (while at the same time light and airy), and it carries the atmosphere of the market perfectly. It has the feel of improvisation... and, as always, your technique is fresh, original and irresistible. And masterful!

Savitri said...

cool ... I love it! Mau juga dong dikasih sketsa.:p