Thursday, June 16, 2005

BBQ 3: The 'preliminary' farewell

Yesterday evening I had my third BBQ party of the year of 2005. My group at the university, TSD, had a BBQ party at my professor's house in Reutum. Actually, my professor (advisor or promotor), Nico, held the party for me! What an honor! He called it a preliminary farewell party as well as a preliminary celebration for the end of my PhD study. It's preliminary because yet I have submitted my dissertation, I haven't actually defended it, so I'll be back to the Netherlands sometimes later this year.

Almost everybody from my group attended the party. My group is small in number (about 15 people) but very international. There are Dutch, British, Tanzanian, Nepalese, Sudanese, Indian, and of course Indonesian (we also have someone from Malawi, but he is currently not in the Netherlands). Two PhD students (from Thailand and Lybia) from the other group also joined. So, it was a truly international gathering.

In that occasion, my friends (other PhD students) took an opportunity to give me a farewell gift. I got a wonderful set of 'music related' gifts! A violin case (backpack), a folded compact music stand and a Dutch children songs book. Wow... they are superb! I love them. I also took an opportunity to say my thank you words and gave everybody who attended the party a thank you card that I made by myself (published in the Netherlands by Merlyna Lim Inc., ..hehe).

It was a wonderful evening. I really enjoyed the party. Great party. Good food, nice people, enjoyable chats, a wonderful atmosphere. I realize more that my friends and colleagues here are great. I'm going to really miss them all.


Dave said...

Congratulations, Mer. It will be hard to leave such a great bunch of folks. I hope your dissertation is well received!

ANonymous said...

temen Mer emang banyak. dari Sudanese sampai Sundanese.. :))