Sunday, June 19, 2005

BBQ 2: The B, D, and J day of M

On 29 May 2005, I had a barbecue party with friends of mine. It was a party of my B, D, and J day.

27 people came. They ranged from 1 to (+/-) 50 years old. Originated from 11 countries!

From left to right:
Standing: Flor, Jonald, Isjel (Philippines), Rupa (Nepal), Zahabu (Tanzania), Helena (Indonesia), Arun (India), Nour (Sudan), Bhaskar (Nepal), Pamerdi, Susy, Daniel, Irawan (Indonesia)
Sitting down: Anurag (India), Yosep (Indonesia), J-zyf (Philippines), Robby (China), Andrew (Indonesia), Ajin (Holland/Nepal), Rihard (Indonesia), TJeerd (Holland), Mer (Indonesia), Coby (Holland), Thongchai (Thailand), Anne-Sofie (Sweden), Saut (Indonesia).

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