Thursday, June 23, 2005

30 days after the D-day

It's been 30 days since I submitted my dissertation. It had been approved by my promotor and co-promotors, but the dissertation still has to be assessed by examining committe members. The examiners are the ones who decide whether my dissertation meets the academic standard for Ph.D dissertation or not (then allowing me to go for public defense in September). I have 5 examiners in my committee: one from the same faculty (with my faculty) in Twente, two from different faculties in Twente, and two external ones (from Canada and United States). I personally know two of these 5 examiners, yet didn't interact with them in relation to my dissertation. Three out of the five met me only once and only in passing by. I am kinda nervous about the result.... The examiners are scheduled to give the final result before the 1st of July.

Up til now, only two examiners (from Canada and US) have given the result. Seems that 'far away' examiners are faster than the 'near by' ones. They said 'yes' -- with no correction. That's a good news. I'm a bit relief, but still nervous. The rule says that only one 'NO' is allowed to go for public defense. So since there are still three out there.... I am not yet relaxed.

Despite this 'waiting for YES' tension, my rhythm of life now is definitely 180 degrees totally different than all of those months before 23rd of May 2005. Something is missing. It feels so strange that I am no longer struggling with writing the dissertation, I am no longer having dreams about some theories, I am no longer trying to solve my D problems in my dream, I am no longer waking up in the middle of the night and automatically turning on my computer, I am no longer having some imaginary conversations with Castells, Foucault, Illich, and many other 'guys'... Ja, so many things are suddenly missing.

I miss those crazy times... but surely I don't want to go back to those times. Writing a second dissertation? No way, Jose!!!


fiksi said...

post power syndrome? or post busy sindrome? hihihi.... :D

Patricia Astrid said...

yes, Mer, setuju banget, one PhD dissertation is enough in a lifetime! Gua juga mengalami masa kosong abis ngasih final draft dulu, tapi yg paling tahu ttg thesis kita itu kita sendiri kok, jadi apapun yg ditanya orang you'll be able to handle that. Good luck ya buat sidangnya.

merlyna lim said...

fiksi: hehe.. iya, post-D syndrome..
patsy: thanks a lot!

mellyana said...

kwakkk, ternyata...
sukss aja ya