Monday, May 23, 2005


Dark shadows are shimmering,
reflecting the end of another day,
a hundred sunbeams splinter in an azure horizon
closing my day with infinite rays of the future

I always love evenings. I love how the day closes itself.
But I love all of today's moments. Morning, noon, afternoon, evening. All nows and thens of the day. Today. The day where I closed some dimensions of my life. The day where the new span of life began. The day where some dreams came true and some dreams remain. The day where my name appeared in the thoughts of some. The day where some prayers were spoken. The day where I feel so loved. I love today and today loves me.

Thank you for today.
Life, thank you.
My friends, thank you.
Love, thank you.
The One, thank you.

feeling so light; just submitted the D on her b day.


ana said...

cool reflection...although today is so special for you (D and B day) but today can always be read forever as "today". aku jg mo ngucapin sesuatu buatnya aaah...: "thank you today for getting along well with my past and future". sekali lagi..selamat ya M

fiksi said...

selamat ulang tahun dan D day nya.
wish you all the best!

Patricia Astrid said...

Hai Mer,

baru ultah ya ? Selamat ultah ya ! D itu maksudnya dissertation Mer .. congrats ya :)

merlyna lim said...

anna, fiksi, & patsy,
makasihhhhhh banyak yaaaaa...

Dave said...

Your "Today" is one of the most beautiful and uplifting blog entries I have ever read... so simple, honest, grateful.

Of course, it led me to learn more about you at your website, where your background and accomplishments and desire to enhance the lives of others shine like an internet beacon of hope.

May I have your permission to quote part of "Today" in my blog?

dy said...

Mer... Selamat ya... postingnya emotionally lovely... :)

merlyna lim said...

Dave: thank you for stopping by and for liking my 'today'. you surely can quote it as free as you want.

Dy: terimakasih banyak ya..:)

Dave said...

Thank you, Mer!
And I'm so happy you liked that photo of reflections off the pews... and my very rare attempt at writing a poem!

I have just spent a moment looking at a few random entries in your blog and LOVE the way you think and write... and your creativity (poetry, painting)... and I agree that Moulin Rouge was an artistic triumph!

Dave said...

OK, I've just posted an entry that includes part of your "Today." I'm sorry I had to leave some of it out for the sake of brevity. MANY THANKS for such an exquisite piece of work and for your permission to use it!

emaq said...

happy D & B day mer dear , i sincerely say that how lucky i am to be your "student" ,reading all those amazing "celoteh" ( bener2 lho ).the way u write about
anything drive me crazily excited
.wish u all the best

-rino said...

more inspirational words from a blessed one
enjoy your day, mer :-)
not just today but each and every

Fannie said...

Wow, inspiring sekali. Apa kabarnya niiih?

merlyna lim said...

emaq: what an honor! but, i am actually learning much from you...
rino: thanks a lot...yes, not only today per se.. all days are 'today'...
fannie: makasih. kabar baik, gimana kabar si penyair?..:)