Thursday, January 20, 2005


Counter-inaugural poster

I really wish I were in Washington DC today. Yes, today, on the 20th of January, 2005 when Mr. GWB (and Mr. Chenney) takes the oath. But my wish is not to be there to applaud him. My wish is to wear mourning clothes -- a black long-coat, black pants with black hat and black scarf -- and bow my head on one mocking-coffin. My wish is to stand on the side of Pennsylvania Avenue and turn-my-back-on Bush's limo when it passes by. My wish is to wear a Bush-mask and join a parody of "Mr War of Terror". My wish is to hold the banner "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" as a satyre for those fundamentalists who support Bush crazily...

Mocking coffins by Fred Askew 2005.

Thousands of protestors were rallying along the Penn Avenue, from:

A black limo of Bush with protestors standing on the background, from:

Yes, my life experience in DC is actually incomplete without joining the counter-inaugural movement on that day. Yet, I can easily imagine it and can feel the spirit. Yes, one of so many things I like about DC is its democratic spirit. Spaces and places are filled of democratic spirit. And funny enough that I found out about this inaugural day not by reading an announcement of it but by finding the call for participation of counter-inaugurant protest. In DC, in fact, there was no Inaugural poster in public space before the D-day but many many Counter-Inaugural posters. I love that fact.... it makes me a bit proud to be a temporary DC resident...:P

Have been following the news in US media, I admire those protestors who were voicing their opinions loudly. While their protests were not heavily covered by media (let alone international media), I heard that this protest -- despite super-strict anti-protest security -- against Bush was the biggest ever. Actually there were more participants for counter-inaugural movement rather than Bush supporters who came to DC to see the inauguration. That's superb! Should admit that even with such an evil president, United States still has the spirit of democracy...

Congratulations my fellow Americans who were there to protest against Bush.... I am proud of you, guys. Don't give up... one day we'll witness a victory!


dy said...

mengherankan memang bush bisa terpilih lagi....kalau inaugurasinya sekarang lebih mending, empat tahun lalu rombongan sempat dilemparin telor sama protester. yang sekarang kelihatan sekali protesternya dibatasi, baik langsung maupun lewat media.

merlyna lim said...

betul Dy, memang krn sekuriti-nya sangat ketat protes semacam 4 tahun lalu (lempar telur, dll) jadi hampir tak mungkin. tapi menurut para aktivis sih secara gerakan yg kali ini jauh lebih besar dari 4 tahun lalu.