Wednesday, August 18, 2004

My 'future' direct number

Two days ago I got an email from an Indonesian journalist of VoA (Voice of America). He wrote like this, "I knew that you're in DC from indonesian-studies list. But why my call is never answered? I kept calling but nobody picked up". He mentioned one number he had been trying to dial.. and was asking for another number..

I was confused to receive his email. First I am not in DC (yet) and I didn't recognize that number at all! So I directly emailed him saying that I am not yet in DC and that was the wrong number and gave him the number of my future DC-institution for him to call later when I arrive in DC.

After replying him I checked the indonesian-studies list and was shocked to find out that the list moderator, John A MacDougall posted one email with my name as a subject complete with my direct phone number in DC and my bios. Ouch, so that was the number that VoA guy dialed!

Apparently the research center I'll be affiliated in DC has published a webpage of me and it included the direct phone number I'll be given (in fact, the number is already there in my 'future' office). I felt embarrased that I didn't know my 'future' direct phone number and needed someone to let me know!. I directly emailed that DC guy saying sorry and telling him that that was the right number.. yet I am still not yet there. He came back to me and said,"Mbak ini hebat ya... orangnya belum datang teleponnya sudah ada...hehehe" .

Hehe, yes..funny. I told this story for my friend. He commented, "Hey, Mer, you are more famous in a place where you are not there rather than where you are!".. hehehe.. right-o!

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