Monday, July 12, 2004


Many things just suddenly happened in past few weeks. Big things in life. Unfortunately, but perhaps fortunately, I wasn't prepared to deal with one real BIG thing. However, just 4 days ago, on Thursday of 8 July 2004, I got an answer for this big thing. Made me feel so relieved. Made me appreciate life much more than before. I cannot really say what was that big thing, as it was very personal. In brief I can say that it was about life and death.

Since that day, I've been feeling so good about my existence. I value my life more. I enjoy my being in this world and feel the goodness of God. I love my life and feel loved by this life. This life is worth of living.


The air flows through my existence
and celebrates my life
It breezes the goodness
in all forms of life
Opens all of my petals
and let love flow in
Spreads the seeds of love inside me
and let them grow within
Erases the scars of the past
and finds again the peace in my life
I wake up and rise
let a new energy of love flow
Inside me, within me, around me
let it wrap me up
I embrace love and laugh
as life is worth of living

enschede, july 2004

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