Thursday, June 24, 2004

The Moulin Rouge

When I was in the hospital I spent many nights watching movies. One of them was the Moulin Rouge, which is unforgetable for me.

I loved this movie. The plot wasn't anything special, yet I couldn't stop but sit, stare, laugh and cry. The movie was absolutely ridiculous, but it has the ability to hit your heart and soul where it matters..

I admire the bravery of the producer. So wacko! I enjoyed his wacko-ness. The movie contains many element of famous pieces like Romeo-Juliet love story and popular American musics... and everything were bravely mixed without doubt nor shame in it. It takes what many people consider 'ordinary' or 'mediocre' things and puts a new soul in them in such a fantastic way that knocking you off your couch.

The Moulin Rouge also has some great redone music and great visual scenes. Also important is the fact that the stars, Nicole Kidman (Satine) and Ewan MacGregor (Christian), they can really sing.

I think this movie is a must-see for musical enthusiasts...

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