Wednesday, June 23, 2004

GoogleMail - a blessing or a curse?

Today my friend Rani invited me to sign up for GMail (Google Mail), a giant web-based email that allows you to have 1 GB storage to keep your emails. I knew about it several months ago, but just did not follow the issue, just forgetting it.... But Rani is the most updated person about the Internet (this is serious!) and she is also very well organized so there's no way for her to forget something! So, in brief, based on Rani's information, I signed up for GMail through Blogger.

I feel ambivalent about this service. I really think it's a real breakthrough. This is really a public relation triumph for Google. Imagine that it offers a FREE email service with 100 times as much storage as Yahoo's premium paid service!

However, my suspicious mind cannot stop being suspicious. It's a public secret that Google is not a company that respects the privacy. What would Mr. Google do with our 1GB emails? Would Mr. G sell it to the eBay? spammers? or CIA and all intelligent agencies in the world?

In fact, Mr. G gave a hint about it. It says that while GMail users can delete emails from our mailbox, those deleted emails would be eternally kept in Google's server. Also there is cookie issue, etc. In the end GMail is a panopticon... a tool of surveillance.. a tool for privacy violation.

So, it a blessing or a curse?

Well, 'suspicion is as suspicion does' has its limit! I has signed up, anyway. It's not bad to have 1 GB harddisk in cyberspace...:-)

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Rani said...

Well dear... nothing is "private" in the internet world anymore... everything that you send through the net will pass through someone's server anyway...