Tuesday, May 04, 2004

IT for people with disabilities

Honestly, while I am always concerned about technology's accessibilities for people with disabilities, I didn't actually learn much about it until recently as I dealt with 'web accessibility' issue due to my involvement as one of the judges of the World Summit Award.... so, I've been learning.. and now I know a little bit about it.

BTW, I just finished my interview with 68H Utan Kayu Radio from Jakarta, Indonesia where I was rambling a bit (only 10 minutes) about the information technology for people with disabilities.. Sad enough to see that Indonesian goverment (let alone companies) doesn't care about this issue. Well, surely there are many many other important things to take care, but then there's no reason to neglect this issue just because having so many other problems, right?

I respect US goverment who puts forward Section 508 of Rehabilitation Act, for example. Once the government has a clear policy, then others will follow.. I believe so.

Oh ya, one positive note based on my interview, I heard that one non-governmental institution in Indonesia, Mitra-Netra, is developing computer and related technologies for blind people.... great news... the disabled who empower other disabled, that's profound.