Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Death Test

Hey, good news.... I'll have 35 years more to live! The Death Test says that I'll die on 29th of April, 2039. On that date, I'll most likely die from: cancer (10%), alien abduction (7%), alcoholism (7%), and 'cleaning your rifle' (7%)!!! Strange reasons... but anyway.
Who will believe this kind of forecast? Well, doesn't matter if I (you) believe or not, it's always fun to laugh about life..
So, bear with me for another 35 years, pals!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The Indonesian Election

Yesterday, 5th of April 2004, the Indonesian election was held world-wide, including here in Holland. Despite so many flaws in logistics, socialization, etc, I think this election could be the second democratic election ever held in Indonesia (the first was 1955). Of course, it's not yet reach a 'thick' democratic stage, at least it is procedurally democratic.

Is this a sign of hope for democracy in Indonesia? I want to believe.....

Spring is here

As I came back to Holland, the weather has been changed. It is no longer freezing as it was in January/February. For some time last week, the weather had been so great. Sunny cool bright days... not cold and not hot.. Perfect, I really liked it. However this week seems to be gloomy. The temperature gets down a bit, which is still okay, what make it not so great is that this week will be raining a lot. Like this morning.

Anyway, there's no use to complain about the weather as it will not change by our complaints.. right? Still, I can say what kind of weather that I like, right? Right-o!

So, it's spring here.... cannot wait to see more flowers to pop up from the ground... Will be soooo lovely. Yes, I do love spring!