Saturday, March 27, 2004

Watching movies

Spending a semi-holiday in Bandung made me able to have some 'quiet' time to 'finish' some undone work - watching movies! I have so many DVDs and some VCDs of great movies... but too little time to watch.. So, it was a big relief to finally able to watch about 10++ movies from approximately 60-70 collections.

What kind of movies do I collect? Well, no standard... I bought DVDs mainly in Southeast Asia - Singapore, Bangkok, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and of course Bandung. Since the price of DVDs in Bandung is so cheap, I bought sooooo many there during my recent semi-holiday. Yep, pirated ones.. alias bajakan! Why not.. I don't believe in the monopoly of copyright, after all.....:) Long life anti-copyright!!

Movies that I saw recently are (some are new, some are old): Monalisa Smile, Toy Story, Lords of the Ring (1,2,3), The Last Samurai, Ada Apa dengan Cinta (Indonesian), Daun di atas Bantal (Indonesian), Biola tak Berdawai (Indonesia), American Sweetheart, Anger Management, Sabrina, Radio, Fighting Temptations, The Passion of the Christ, Vanilla Sky, School of Rock, The Guru, Bent it like Beckham, Himalaya, Balzac and the Little Chinese Streamtrees, ..etc..

Some of them are really bad like American Sweetheart and Anger Management... Some Indian ones (The Guru, Bent it like Beckham) are so so, but fun to watch. Indonesian ones are not special, they are not so bad, though.... (for Indonesian standard). School of Rock and Fighting Temptations are really fun... Radio and Monalisa Smile, they are full of good values. Lords of the Ring is great... yet perhaps the novels were even greater. The Passion of the Christ is touching and religious.

But my favorite among those are Vanilla Sky, Himalaya, Toy Story and Balzac & the Little Chinese Streamtrees... Why? Perhaps I'll tell 'why' later...