Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Indonesia - highest percentage of online fraud

VeriSign said the United States continued to lead all countries in total volume of online fraud and remained the largest source of e-commerce revenue in the world. Indonesia ranked highest among all nations in percentage of fraud per transaction, followed by Nigeria, Pakistan, Ghana and Israel.


Thursday, February 05, 2004

Cambodian hybrid motorcycle/WiFi network

Human is a creative creature..
Check this out...

"The motorbikes begin their route early in the morning by stopping at the only satellite dish in the province. Using the wireless technology they download any mail which may have arrived over the internet for the villages. As the motorbikes move from village to village they pass the schools which have a similar box and antenna.

When a motorbike gets within one to 1 ½ kilometres of an access point in a village it automatically picks up all the information in the outbox of the village computer. At the same time, it transmits the incoming mail to the computer."


Wednesday, February 04, 2004

It's NOT enough

By Bob Perks

It's not enough to want better things for yourself. You must find ways to make things better.

It's not enough to say the world is in turmoil. You must find ways to bring peace into it.

It's not enough to point at someone else and blame them for what is wrong. You must welcome them in and ask how you can help them make it right.

It's not enough to say "Someone ought to do something about it!" You are someone, do it!

It's not enough to pray and ask for God's help. You must thank him for the challenge and the opportunity to learn from it.

It's not enough to tell a child what is right. You must be what is right so they learn from your example.

It's not enough to blame your government for what is wrong. You must participate in the process to make it right.

It's not enough to wish. You must work! to make it so.

It's not enough to ask. You must give to earn the right.

It's not enough to say "I tried!" You must try and try again.

It's not enough to want to be loved. You must learn how to love first.

It's not enough say "I care." You must show how much and why.

It's not enough to wake up. You must thank God you did.

It's not enough to just earn a living. You must create a life.

It's not enough to begin. You must always follow through.

It's not enough to have a friend. You must learn to be one, too.

It's not enough to believe in someone. You must tell them so.