Thursday, January 29, 2004

What a beautiful morn!

Yesterday evening as I cycled my bike home (it was actually almost midnight), I was so happy because the night was brighter than usual. No stars, no moon, but why it was bright? Because snow was falling, painting the ground with white color... and reflecting lights of street lamps.... it was beautiful. I was like a kid who got a surprise gift. I cycled slowly.. and then took sometimes to made snow balls (snow layer was too thin to make a snowman, unfortunately). Nobody to play around, I just threw snow balls to the ground.... again and again.... I finally stopped when I felt chilled.

All night long I was wishing for more snow to fall.... I was hoping to see the real white morning.... And wow, it came true! I woke up and saw a white scenery from my window. I was really really happy!

That morning I took some pics of scenery (and self-photos too.. with no shame!).... then I tried to hold snow with naked hand... so good.. yet.. so hot! Snow burned my hands! Fortunately it was just a temporary hot feeling...

What a beautiful morn I had!

[unfortunately... snow stopped.. and melted... boohooooooo!!... my Twente is no longer white... only wet and slippery.. ugh]

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