Sunday, January 25, 2004

The Political Compass

Do you ever wonder where you stand politically? Mostly I figured myself to be kind of a bit leftish... but not so much. But after taking a test in a cool political analysis tool, now I know where I stand (perhaps it's 'almost' correct). A tool that is called as The Political Compass is really cool & easy-to-use. What you have to do is just answering 6 series of questions covering variety of attitudes, values and opinions towards political issues. At the end you get a test result which is a pair of numerical scores ranging from -10 to 10 that cover two spectrums: economic left/right and libertarian/authoritarian.

So, what did my test say? Here is the result. See ... I come in as a red spot in far-left-down quadran. This means I'm pretty much a lefty (hey, I never thought I was). According to the analysis section of the Political Compass, this result puts me closest to Nelson Mandela and Gandhi - in political sense. Wow!! Well, perhaps I could get along so well with them (I don't mind Gandhi at all!)....:-)

Anyway, it's fun to do this.. Wanna try? Just click this: Political Compass

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