Monday, December 29, 2003

Zero degree

It is 32 Fahrenheit degree or ZERO Celcius degree outside...[or at least that's what the Yahoo weather said about Twente regio as Enschede is not there!]. It feels sooooo cold, brrr... but well, I get used to it. Beside, in my apartment I am warm enough with heater and blanket!

For those who use to live in tropical areas, like me, it's hard to imagine living in cold place like this. But I start to like it a bit. I don't like when it is cold and rainy, but I don't mind 'a bit cold' weather. Something like 15 Celcius degree is fine. I start to dislike 'very hot' weather like Jakarta.... 30 C... ugh, too hot.

Anyway... now I know that human is a strong creature, just survived any temperature! From -40 C to +40C! Amazing, isn't it?

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