Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Microsoft Office vs. OpenOffice

While I had been supporting "Open Source Movement" since long time ago, should admit that I did not really use all of those open source programs until recently (well, I got rid from Internet Explorer and Outlook Express years ago, though!). Well, mainly because I thought switching to new programs would take time for me to re-learn also because in Indonesia I could get any software freely..:-) .

But, then I switched to Mac, so I also changed my entire compu-lifestyle. I started using Mozilla Thunderbird for my emailer and Mozilla Firebird for my browser, for example. I also started using OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Office, especially since I always got this annoying message "This installation of Microsoft Office X exceeds the number of installations permitted by the license agreement. Merlyna Lim is already using this installation of Microsoft Office X. The program will now quit" when I was on Office and online at the same time... and of course my Internet connection is 24 hours/day [except sleeping time, and sometimes even online while sleeping!]. Of course in Indonesia I never had that problem, I wasn't connected to the Net that much.

It made me upset.... Of course, I knew how to deal with that problem. I just blocked Microsoft from watching me! But, that bothered me a lot so I swith to OpenOffice. Yet, unfortunately, for Mac users, OpenOffice is still pretty much a preview technology and doesn't use Mac Aqua look. It works on X11, which is Linux based, so the look is quite... uhm... plain. NeoOffice is perhaps better, it doesn't need X11, however it is also still a very preview of preview technology. But for Windows users, OpenOffice is already pretty handy... and you don't have to deal with license problem at all.... it's a FREE SOFTWARE!

So, why should think more? Let's go OPEN SOURCE!

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